European Internship Consortia Erasmus+ Internship Mobility 23rd October Application Results

European Internship Consortia Erasmus+ Internship Mobility 23rd October Application Results

We would like to thank you all of our students who interested Erasmus Internship Applications under the European Internship Consortia.

Please click on the links below for the application results of European Internship Consortia;

(Universities are in alphabetical order.)

Istanbul Kültür University

Istanbul Şehir University

Kadir Has University

Sabancı University

Üsküdar University

(Under the rules set by the National Agency, if students have benefited from the Erasmus Mobility once, their final notes is reduced by 10 points.)

We would like to congratulate the successful applicants and are expecting the applications of the students who are not enlisted for the next period.

As it stated in the application calls, the students who gained the right of participating to the Erasmus Internship Mobility according to their GNO and English Proficiency Score;

  • will be placed the internship places found by the Erasmus Internship Consortia according to their competencies and demand/need of the institutions yet the placement is not guaranteed.
  • In the case of realization of internship placements by European Internship Consortia and/or arrangement of internship places by (students) themselves until 18th March 2016, the grant will be distributed by starting from the student who holds the highest Erasmus Score in the frame of the budget which is allocated to European Internship Consortia by National Agency.
  • Students who are not placed or do not hand in their internship acceptance letters to institution representatives until 18th March 2016 will not be able to benefit from the mobility.
  • At first place, the mobilities of all students will be evaluate upon 2 months because of the grant constraint. In case of grant remaining or additional grant procurement, the possibility of providing grant for internship extensions will be evaluated.

(Students can also extend their internship period or participate the internship mobility without grant if they would like to do.)

Below are some of the existing traineeship databases that may help you to access internship opportunities announced by firms;

Reminder : The traineeships should be directly related to their study area!

Students may contact with their universities’ Consortia Representatives about the results.

Please click for Consortia Institution Representatives

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