1. What is Erasmus+ Staff Mobility?

European Internship Consortia offers funded exchange opportunities for academic and administrative staff from Consortia Partner Institutions. There are two types of mobility within the Erasmus+ Staff Exchange Program:

  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching enables academic staff to spend a teaching period between min. 2 days, at least 8 teaching hours, and max. 6 weeks at a higher education institution in Europe.
  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training enables administrative and academic staff to take part in a training program at an institution in Europe with the aim of enriching the professional skills and enhancing the professional network of European Internship Consortia. Participants spend a period of training between min. 2 working days and max. 6 weeks.
  1. What is the Erasmus mobility grant?

Participants who participate in the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility within the European Internship Consortia may receive an Erasmus+ mobility grant from the Consortia. It may vary according to differences in living costs between your country and the destination country, the number of staff applying for a grant, and the availability of grant.

  1. How much is the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility grant?

The amount of the grant depends on the country where the mobility is carried out, according to the following groups:


Groups according to living costs Name of Countries Daily Erasmus Grant
Group 1 Programme Countries Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands 144 Euro
Group 2 Programme Countries Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Iceland, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Greece 126 Euro
Group 3 Programme Countries Germany, Spain, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia 108 Euro
Group 4 Programme Countries Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia​ 90 Euro


Also, additional grants are available for staff with special needs who wish to participate in Erasmus+ Staff Mobility within European Internship Consortia and where participation would not be possible without extra financial support. In order to learn more about additional grant opportunities for staff with special needs, you may contact the Consortia’s Representative at your home university.

The grant is paid in two installments to the participants. The ratio of installments is determined regarding the first installment rate which should not exceed 80% of the total grant. The payment of the first installment is made before the departure of staff/faculty member. The second installment payment is made at the end of the mobility period in accordance with reconsideration and recalculation of total grant with the delivery of Certificate of Attendance which indicates specific beginning and ending dates of mobility and the dates of entry and exit on the passport.

  1. Will I get financial support for my travel expenses?

Each selected participant receives a travel contribution based on the distance from sending to the receiving institution.

Distance between sending and receiving institution can be calculated by using the Distance Calculator​


Calculated Distance between partner institutions: Amount of Travel Support
Between 100-499 km 180 Euro
Between 500-1999 km 275 Euro
Between 2000-2999 km 360 Euro
Between 3000-3999 km 530 Euro
Between 4000-7999 km 820 Euro
8000 km or more 1.100 Euro


  1. Who can apply?

Academic and Administrative staff of Consortia Partner Universities (Istanbul Kültür University, Istanbul Sehir University, Kadir Has university, Sabanci University, Uskudar University) can be eligible to benefit from Erasmus+ Staff Mobility.

  1. How can I apply?

Interested academic and administrative staff can apply to the Consortia’s representative at their home university.

Interested staff members from the Consortia Partner Universities can apply at any time during the current academic year.

  1. Which documents do I need to provide along with my application?

The application must include the following documents:

  • Teaching/Training Agreement signed by the host institution
  • Official Invitation Letter from the host institution