All of the application documents will be submitted to the related consortium representative of partner institutions after the online application. (Click for representatives of the consortium institutions.)


Students need to submit the documents listed below to the Consortia’s representatives of their HEIs. 

1. Application Form The application form is filled in online and printed out for the signature with following entry of all the necessary information and documents

2. (Current) Official Transcript

After Scan whether added to the online application form, the original copy must be submitted to Institutions Consortium representatives.

3. CV in Europass format

Click on the article for Europass CV format and filled sample CV.

4. Photo

*Soft copies of these documents should be uploaded to the online system while filling the application form.



Before the mobility period, participants should follow the steps listed below and submit the necessary documents to the responsible person at their home university. Please be aware that a majority of this paperwork will require a signature and stamp from a relevant departmental or institutional coordinator either at your home university or the host institution. Therefore, it is important that you allow yourself the appropriate time to complete the paperwork.

1. Learning Agreement for Training: (click here for the document)

The learning (training agreement) agreement’s only the first part should be completed prior to mobility among the three consisting parts which are (1) Before mobility, (2) During the Mobility and (3) After Mobility. The document should be prepared to cover the entire duration of the internship, as well as the work program, skills, qualifications and recognition (ECTS), etc. must be specified.

Students who entitled to benefit from Erasmus training mobility should prepare their Learning Agreement including detailed work program, methods of monitoring and evaluation with Erasmus Departmental Coordinators and the host institution.

If there isn’t changes in decided work plan of the student during mobility, there is no need to prepare an additional document.

The work program should be prepared to cover the entire duration of the internship. In this document it should be specified work program as well as, skills, competences and recognition (ECTS), etc. To count an Erasmus student internship as part of the compulsory training is at the discretion of the academic departments.

Learning Agreement should be signed and approved by Erasmus Departmental Coordinator, Erasmus Institutional Coordinator, Consortium Authority, Officer authorized for internship and Student.

2. Student Visa

Before the mobility, representatives of Consortia prepare Visa Letter for the students’ visa procedure.

3. Comprehensive Travel Health Insurance:

Please be careful that this is not standard “Travel Health Insurance” but “Comprehensive Travel Health Insurance”. The insurance should have the health, accident and liability insurance coverages.

4İşbank Euro Bank Account

5. Mobility (Grant) Agreement(Click here for the document)

This document which indicates the period of training, the grant of which was earned for this time and payment terms, is required to be signed before the departure of the Student. The document, prepared by the institution to which student is registered; it should sign by student, Erasmus Institutional Coordinator and Consortium authorized person.  But the agreement may only be signed with students who have submitted their learning agreement with all parties’ approvals.

6. First Online Language Assessment:

Erasmus+ participants must take the assessment twice — before and at the end of their mobility period — in order to monitor their progress in the language of mobility. The online test assesses participants’ language skills – listening, reading and writing – according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students must complete the First Language Assessment before the mobility to assess their language competences. For the students who will participate in Erasmus+ programme, taking the OLS language assessment before their departure is a pre-requisite.


1 Learning Agreement for Training ( click here for the document)

If you make any changes on your duration at the host institution or some of your tasks and responsibilities, please fill the During the Mobility Part of your Learning Agreement and send it to the Consortia’s representative at your home university.


After the mobility period, returned students should submit the following documents to the Consortia’a representative at the home university:

1. After the Mobility Part of Learning Agreement ( click here for the document)

It is the third part of Training Agreement should be filled in after the mobility. This document includes the length of internship, performed duties, achieved competencies and the evaluation of host institution about trainee. It must be signed and stamped by the mentor (advisor), authorized person within the host institution.

2. Confirmation of Stay click here for the document)

This document must include the actual duration of your mobility period and must be signed and stamped by the responsible person at the host institution.

3. Second Online Language Test (OLS)

(Yet cannot be reached because the form is under construction.)At the end of the internship period, students when they return to Turkey are required to fill a report in the survey after submission of documents.

4. Mobility Tool Final Report

After completion of Certificate of Participation, After Mobility, OLS, Copy of Passport Documets, students will receive an EU online survey to complete.

5. Copy of Passport (Entry and Exit Stamps)

After return to home country students must submit their passport copies including the pages of visa, residence permit, and all other sealed pages to their home institution’s consortium representative. Personal Impression Report / Photo After the end of their mobility, students should submit their written personal impression report concerning to their internship with a photo taken in internship place to their home institution’s consortium representative.