Staff Mobility

What is Erasmus Staff Mobility?

By Erasmus Staff Mobility;

  1. Teaching staff of a higher education institution (HEI) which has the Erasmus Charter (ECHE) can teach at least 8 hours in a year at another European country’s HEI that has the ECHE.
  2. Teaching/administrative staff of a HEI that hold the ECHE or staff of an enterprise can teach/get training at an enterprise or a HEI.
  • Erasmus Staff Mobility Program includes two types of mobility activities:
    • Erasmus Teaching Mobility
    • Erasmus Training Mobility

Within the framework of the European Internship Consortia, beneficiaries can only join the Erasmus Training Mobility.

What are the activities of Erasmus Training Mobility?

  1. Mobility of administrative / academic  staff to an enterprise: The purpose is to allow the beneficiaries to transfer of knowledge and to acquire practical skills. The activities can be very varied as language training, seminars, workshops, courses and conferences.
  2. Mobility of administrative / academic staff to a higher education institution: The purpose is to allow the beneficiaries to learn from the experiences and good practices of a partner institution and to improve the skills required for their current job. The main activities can be a short secondment period, job-shadowing scheme, study visit, etc.

Who can apply to European Internship Consortia for Erasmus Training Mobility?

Full time academic / administrative staff of HEIs that are partners of the Consortia can apply to the training mobility.

Partner HEIs:

Istanbul Kültür University (IKU)

Istanbul Şehir University (ŞEHİR)

Kadir Has University (KHAS)

Sabanci University (SU)

Üsküdar University

Application Criteria, Evaluation Process, Application Documents

  • The applications will be evaluated not only according the National Priorities determined by the Turkish National Agency but also the Consortia’s Priorities.
  • All staff members who would like to apply for Staff Training are expected to hand in their documents (1- invitation letter from host instituiton and 2- Work Plan signed by head of department/unit. Please clik for Teaching Staff Mobility and Training Staff Mobility )  to the Consortium Representative of their own Institution. (Please click to see the Consortium Representatives.)
  • The applicants need to be full time academic/administrative staff of the partner HEI.
  • All the applications will be evaluated by the Consortium’s Board of Management inaccordance with the Consortium’s Priorities/Mission. (Please click to see the Priorities/Mission of the Consortium)
  • The mobility should end before the 31th of May 2018.  The mobilities that  are planned to be actualized untill May 2018 will be given priority in line with aforementioned Priorities/Mission.

2017/2018 Academic Year Staff Mobility Grant Calculation Formulas:

1. Individual Grant

Daily grant (excluding the travel grant) of the staff is determined according the county grups as indicated in the below table:

Country Groups Country Daily Grand Amounts (€)
Group A Denmark, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom 144 €
Group B Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Romania, Finland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway 126 €
Group C Germany, Spain, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 108 €
Group D Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia 90 €
  • Grant can only be paid for the days of training/teaching activity and arrival/departure days. It is not possible to pay double grant for one day, so, if a training activity is scheduled on e the day of the arrival, staff can only be paid the grant for one day.
  • The grant covers all the living expenses abroad. Reimbursement is not possible for the expenses such as food, communication, and /or insurance.

2. Travel Grant

  • Travel Grant is calculated in accordance with the distance between the cities of the sending institution and the receiving institution.
  • For the distance calculation the European Commission’s calculator, avaliable in the below link, is used;

  • The Travel Grant includes the costs for visa, insurance, travel cost between cities. No other grant is allocated for those costs.
  • The staff is not expected to submit any receipt for the travel expenses.
  • Please see the table below for the amounts of travel grants,
Distance Travel Grant per Staff
Between 100 – 499 KM 180 €
Between 500 – 1999 KM 275 €
Between 2000 – 2999 KM 360 €
Between 3000 – 3999 KM 530 €
Between 4000 – 7999 KM 820 €
8000 or more 1100 €


Additional Grant Opportunity for Staff with Special Needs

Additional grants are available for staff with special needs who wish to participate in Erasmus+ programme and where participation would not be possible without extra financial support. In order to learn more about additional grant opportunities for staff with special needs, please get in contact with the Consortia’s Representative at your home university.​